Say What's up with Suppairs

Say What's up with Suppairs

There is no rule when it comes to socks. You can just boringly wear it, or better yet, you can wear it while saying hello with it. Upon that idea, Suppairs freshly comes as a brand who created bold lines and colors that says what’SUP with PAIRS of an attention grabbing look on your feet.

This Bandung based brand was initiated by four creative minds (Gadis Prameswari, Sendi Adrianov, Kemala Montesa and Satrio Yudho) who share the same love for 90’s graphic and most importantly, although quite peculiar, the same love for socks. The four were college buddies when they decided to begin producing socks. Why socks? It is simply because they love it that they want everyone to love it too by delivering an outstanding pair of socks with a touch of quirkiness on every design they make.

Suppairs biggest inspiration lies on 90’s style of graphics. The style that is conciously derivative of trends, modes, fashions or atitudes of the recenet past. Its bold vivid patterns and the vibrant use of colors are what inspire them the most. Although the four of them have no background in fashion, yet they major in product and graphic design. Thus, the pattern they create speak for Suppairs characteristics, or in their own word, “Shapes, color, patterns, texture, you name it. We have it all.”

When asked about its ideals, they said, “Everybody have their own personal style and their own unique preferences. Dealing with such matters, Suppairs embraces the contrary to what is usual­­ — the unorthodox. We make socks for the radicals and eccentrics who doesn’t adhere to what is commonly accepted.” They put so many attentions in details that would likely be a treat for everyone who is staring at their pair of socks. They want everyone to embrace that.

There is also this relationship between artist and brand for instance. Muses are set to be the independent sources of creativity that allow artists to direct their vision, and that is how Suppairs sees David Bowie and Ok Go as their main muses. Both artists are known for its quirky visual presentation, fashion and music. That kind of quirkiness make a figment of imagination that these are the people that will wear Suppairs. Since they launched last year, Suppairs have just released one collection of 5 pairs of socks. Though they don’t have a name for the collection, they named the pairs instead. There is this behind-the-name-story about each pairs of the socks. They said, “Bowie and Ok Go remain our forever muses. However, other muses are added along the way and each pair in the first collection is designed and named under the idea of these 5 big names that is likely to wear Suppairs.”

NARA was influenced by Yoshitomo Nara, a Japanese artist in the 90’s. Children and animals were drawn in his paintings through cartoonish lines with confident and Suppairs translated them into something that will take you to the world of wonders and adventure of kids. They said, “Don’t be afraid of being out of style cause you never will and never are. This pair is one lucky charm to your look.”

PHARREL reffered to the word “Happy”. That one word surely catch your mind whose the name belongs  to. This pair will get you to be exactly that, brimming with joy. Play more and dance more as if no one is watching, just like Pharrel Williams.

KARL was picked after the one and only Karl Lagerfeld and his monochromatic style.“Black-and-white always look modern, black-and white would guide you to not get near the fashion police. It’s not just a statement, it’s a belief you gotta carve in your soul,” explained Suppairs.

JACK came from The British Union Jack with its color consisting of red, white and blue, in which Suppairs adeed a new twist. They even said about the pair, “No way would you leave the house with a bogstandard feature in your body. This one Lad fits everything including your black working boots.”

ALVA was named after Tony Alva, the American skateborder. Alva’s style was revolutionary and stood in stark. As Suppairs said, his skill, style and charismatic nature was translated into a pair that will let you to trick the pattern of normality. “Do the jump, do the backflip, do whatever you like. Do everything that everyone would not notice as usual. The mayhem is all your command.”

One of the things that set Suppairs apart from others is that each pair of their socks have a comfortable padding on the heels and toes area so that it can supports your feet while you walk confidently. Along with the thoughtfully-crafted designs you can be comfortable while expressing your quirkiness with their pairs of socks. According to them, “it is because visual attraction will lasts shortly, hence it’s the quality and comfiness that will lasts long.”

Here’s a hint of what to expect from their upcoming release; a secret collaboration with an Indonesian street artist is coming your way. While they are yet to comment about wether the project will be the second season of the socks collection or apparel or both, all we know is that it’s on the way. In the mean time, a little something that you can do is be sure to check out and shop their pairs of what’s up online or do visit the offline stores. Watch their newest collection to drop this march 2016. Weird how a pair of socks can be so exciting, just as it is fun. For those of us with great appreciation for the fluffy, the scratchy, the mid-calf, the knee-high, the printed, and the funky designs of what we call socks, we surely need to keep an eye on Suppairs.

Bandung  at Lou Belle and Tuku Lawangwangi
Jakarta at The Goods Dept
Singapore at Megafash


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Photos by Rebeca Yapeno

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