Saint Laurent Show Is Coming to Hollywood

Saint Laurent Show Is Coming to Hollywood

Rumors keep spreading that Hedi Silmane is due to quit Saint Laurent. Following a burst of swiftly denied rumors in early January, the French house apparently has announced some exciting plans for fashion month. Hedi Silmane made a name for himself by shifting the dynamic of Saint Laurent. He dropped the Yves, moving full speed towards rock chic glam, relocated the house’s design team to Los Angeles several years ago, and now he has given it another push. Saint Laurent has announced that they will be staging its fall/winter 2016 men’s show which will also include “part one” of the fall women’s collection, not in Paris like it normally does, but in LA instead.

The Hollywood Palladium– Los Angeles’s oldest and largest concert venue located on 6215 Sunset Boulevard set to be the home for its fashion show on February 10th 2016, just five days before the 58th Grammy Music Award. The brand announced the news on Twitter and Instagram, which Saint Laurent appears to have joined just couple days ago. And the teasers released on the brand’s Instagram feature Hedi Slimane’s shot videos of Los Angeles artists like Ariel Pink and Zoe Reign dancing in Saint Laurent clothes.

According to the brand, the show named “Saint Laurent at The Palladium” and it is a tribute to the strong music scene in Los Angeles and is the second project of Hedi Slimane in Los Angeles after his exhibition ‘‘California Song’’, at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art in November 2011. Throughout last decade, Hedi Silmane has thoroughly documented, supported and championed the emerging California music scene in his personal photography projects and work for Saint Laurent. He’s enlisted members of the scene to walk in his runway shows and feature his ad campaign such as Staz Lindes of LA band the Paranodys. 2016 also marks the 10 year anniversary of the Hedi Slimane Diary, a photography blog that has mostly documented emerging music over the last decade; from London and the golden age of brit rock in the mid ‘00s to the birth of the L.A. surf sound generation in 2008.

Photo courtesy of Saint Laurent

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