Runway Hits: The Style Millennials

Runway Hits: The Style Millennials

Last Weekend, Fashion Nation Tenth Edition, one of the biggest fashion event in Jakarta finally close the fashion week with a spectacular end. Held in Senayan City featuring works of five young Asian designers in the show entitled ‘Runway Hits’ with the theme of ‘The Style Millennials’. The designers are, Danjyo Hiyoji and Rinda Salmun from Indonesia, Wong by Jimmy Wong from Malaysia , MAX.TAN from Singapore, and Wonder Anatomie of Thailand.

The sequence was opened with Danjyo Hiyoji, and their 2016 capsule collection stole the show right from the start. Entitled “COMA” the show featured a pantomime, wearing a finely tailored gray tuxedo and black-and-white face-stocking as the centerpiece. Symbolizing the forest in the midst of urban life is the main inspiration of the collection. Each item came with layering and deconstructed technique inspired from everything that happens in everyday life that encourages each individual get into the various layers of the character. Its monochromatic palette of black, gray and white was highlighted with occasional bursts of maroon, giving an edgy and sophisticated feel about the collection, which present business attire for men and women with a clever twist.

In the second sequence, gloomy shades of black by MAX.TAN hits the runway. The design focuses on women’s tailoring and draping that produces edgy cuts and voluminous silhoeuttes. The collection consisted of culottes, tank tops, capri pants and structured jackets. Several materials were mix together such as sheer, wool, and leather. It also features asymmetric hemlines and well-placed cut-out details made his collection look swank and attractive, yet very strong in character.

In contrast, Rinda Salmun presented a light and casual collection themed "This Thing." Girly shades with bright colors such as peach , pink, blue, and black adorn the collection. Collaborating with sculpture artist Faisal Habibie, Rinda work becomes so unique, featured clashing color-blocking techniques that generated a strong sense of youth and dynamism. The collection also combine multiple materials with curvy cutting that will seamlessly blend to your day to day wear. In sum, ‘Runway Hits: The Style Millennials’ trully presented the best of emerging Asian designers.




Photos by Alexander Christian 

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