Rocking it Differently with Drop Dead

Rocking it Differently with Drop Dead

It’s not very often that we see heavy-metal-nuanced pieces like distressed jeans, ripped sweaters, and black oversized hoodies displayed against colorful backdrops—even more so when fresh blooms act as the main props of the campaign. However, it is an undeniably refreshing way to deliver an otherwise highly niche collection to the public. Despite being named after a hardcore phrase,  Drop Dead seems to be a brand that would serve a different taste.

Seeing the collection one might not instantly guess that the brand was indeed found by someone with deep-rooted involvement in alternative rock music. Established in 2005, the brand was found by Oliver Sykes, a frontman of a renowned British rock band, Bring Me The Horizon. Based in Sheffield, England, Drop Dead aims to create unique, high quality, limited apparel, and accessories.

Their first drop of 2016 collection titled ‘bloom’ includes a range of graphic t-shirts with catchy statements like “All my Gods are monsters,” and other pieces like camo t-shirt or logo hoodies. All dubbed as the first of many limited collections and collaborations that will continue to launch every few weeks throughout the year.

To sum it up, while solidly nuanced with alternative-rock taste, the Drop Dead pieces are highly relatable and downright wearable without sacrificing their strong character. By proportionately combining wearability and their own aesthetic, they present as a brand that has a little bit of this and a little bit of that—indicating a form of refusal to be strictly categorized—something that people these days seems to dig so much. Or better yet, let their 620k following  Instagram page speaks for itself.

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