Rhei: Time Flows, Literally

Rhei: Time Flows, Literally

As a subject that perceived in a highly subjective manner, there are certain things about time that can be claimed – they are the fact that it passes and it will never stop. Capturing that exact concept of rhythmical flow of time and translating it into a beautiful animated sculpture is the product called Rhei, where the same shape will never be exhibited twice – just like moments.

Although still a prototype, the people behind this dynamic installation, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock, are working hard to put this piece into production as Rhei is a culmination of a one-year-long passion project for Damjan Stankovi? and collaborator Marko Pavlovic.

Rhei is standing in the middle ground between the analog and the digital sphere. It puts together the rules of mechanics and the laws of nature – presenting the substance in its pure, unrefined form, where the control allows it to display tangible shapes and as a result creating a liquid illusion reminiscent of a contemporary, digital form. See the video here.

Source: Hypebeast

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