Revive Your Childhood with Hyperkin Smart Boy

Revive Your Childhood with Hyperkin Smart Boy

Nostalgia and gaming go hand in hand and fans of late ‘90’s and early ‘00s Nintendo video games can’t believe their luck, because tech company Hyperkin has unveiled an add-on that lets your Android phone play Gameboy cartridges. Named the Smart Boy Development Kit, the company has just started taking pre-orders for the device which is set for release on December 1st, just before the holiday season.

Smart Boy will reportedly work with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games thanks to the built-in slot, and, presumably, some emulation magic. Smart Boy features the same button layout and color scheme you know from the Game Boy, but instead of a monochromatic display, you'll now get to see a millions of colors rendered by the AMOLED screen of a Galaxy S6 Edge (or any compatible Android device for the matter). Originally, the Smart Boy was designed to be both an iPhone and Android smartphone accessory. However, at the 2016 E3 trade show, Hyperkin was very clearly stated that it will be available for Android devices only. Given the abundance of Game Boy emulators available on the Google Play Store and the lack of customization on the iPhone, it’s disappointing but not very surprising news. Nevertheless, this is the closest you’ll get to revive your childhood. The Smart Boy Development Kit is available to pre-order now over at




Source: Hyperkin

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