Regret-Free Hair Modification with Cay-Cay Art of Beauty

Regret-Free Hair Modification with Cay-Cay Art of Beauty

Hairstyle is an integrative part of fashion. A right hairstyle can complete a look, while the wrong ones can break it altogether. That’s why hair is an important point to put forward if you want to amp up your whole outfit game. Yet, many people would find that getting a new hairstyle is something quite distressing. So often they walked out a salon wishing that they could redo whatever it is they did to their hair. We paid a visit to one legendary beauty salon, Cay cay art of beauty, the trustworthy one on the hair industry, to find out how a regret-free hair modification should be like.

Stepping into the salon, you will be greeted with its baroque themed interior, and golden colored columns. Although the interior is clearly set to exude luxurious vibe, the ambience is quite surprisingly cozy and calming. The room is lit with a warm lighting and there are comfortable sofas to longue around on. The friendly and highly expereinced hairdressers –the most important party to determine your hair styling satisfaction—are ready to assist you.

Located in Tanah Abang, the legendary salon/family business has been serving your beauty needs for two generations. Currently in its second generation, the salon is lead by Anash Zinnia, a hairstylist with quite remarkable award winning history. Although running under a new management, Cay-Cay keeps its old hairstyling techniques and methods. The thing that the salon is reputable for after all these years. In Anash’s hands, however, the salon is rebranded as “Cay The Second” with more youthful way of communication and approach. Although keeping the old methods, the Salon never fall behind in terms of keeping up with the new trends and styling techniques.

One of the outstanding methods the salon is known for is dry cutting. Anash—the one who handled our hair that day—says that cutting hair while it is dry will help to get the texture we wanted better than cutting it while it’s wet. “Sometimes it looks all neat and perfect while it’s wet, and as soon as the hair dries, it changes texture. That’s why cutting it while it’s dry is key. We can only see how hair actually looks like while it is dry. So it’s better to always ask for dry cutting,” said Anash.

Another important key in getting the hairstyle we want is communication. If we already have a hairstyle idea in mind, ask them if the style would suit us, and if not, ask them whether thestyle can get modified to suit us more. However, if you come requesting for ‘whatever suits me best’, don’t hesitate to give them as much information as you can. Tell about how your typical day is like, how much time you’re willing to spend to style your hair, how your personal style is like, and what style that makes you most comfortable. Make sure that we have reached an agreement with the hairdresser before they started doing anything to our hair. After that, the hairdresser should guide you during the process by explaining things as they go through.

After that, with the whole dry cutting method and communicating with the hairdresser, we walked out Cay-Cay Salon, satisfied.

Cay-Cay Art Of Beauty Salon
Address: Jalan Tanah Abang 2 No. 71, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Phone:(021) 3809027

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