Reflecting Youth Spirit with Danjyo Hiyoji

Reflecting Youth Spirit with Danjyo Hiyoji

Working with your bestfriend is a blessing, why? because you have already known each other up to bits. This what drives Dana Maulana And Liza Masitha to create the widely known Indonesian Brand Danjyo Hiyoji. The two bestfriends started it when they were just entering college back in 2001 and have not looked back since. Namely a heaven for style-savvy individuals, Danjyo Hiyoji always showcase strong wearable designs each season. The brand has attained cult status, thanks to their innovative contemporary designs and origami-like cutting. Despite the brand’s strong aesthetics, each piece is utterly versatile and brilliantly designed to add a definite edge to a wide range of personal styles. Find out more about Danjyo Hiyoji by reading along our Q&A session.

What is Danjyo Hiyoji?
Danjyo Hiyoji is a fashion label specializes in ready-to-wear category that officially launched in 2009 as a winner of The Most Innovative Local Brand Cleo Fashion Award 2009 at Jakarta Fashion Week. Since then, our label focuses on providing an exciting fashion items both for men and women that would translate global trend rapidly. And nowadays we have gained another recognitions such as Label of the Year 2010 ELLE Magazine, Best Ready to wear by Instyle Magazine Award 2012, Best menswear 2015 by MensHealth Indonesia, The hottest Local Brand in 2016 by Gadis, “Label label cemerlang” 2016 by Koran Tempo raised Danjyo Hiyoji as a one of widely known local brand in Jakarta fashion scene.

What does Danjyo Hiyoji mean? Is there any philosophy behind the name?
In 2001, we started the business under DANJYO and doing mostly womenswear. Back in the days we found the Indonesian fashion industry was fixated on Japanese culture. So, we looked for a fitting Japanese name and found Danjyo, which means men and women, or boys and girls. In October 2009 we launched our men’s wear line and came up with additional name “HIYOJI”  with no particular meaning — it was just simply added to celebrate the re- branding of Danjyo to Danjyo Hiyoji.

What does Danjyo Hiyoji stand for and what it represent?
Danjyo Hiyoji represent youth spirit, we explore individuality and modernity, creating chic and flattering collections season after season, which booze confidence. We defined style and unique aesthetic that transcends trends.

Why you decided to create a fashion label ? Do you both have a background in fashion?
Actually, none of us have any background in fashion. But everything started when we were just starting college in 2001. Both of us love designing, then we bought two sewing machines and selling our pieces to young market. We established our small fashion business ever since. Honestly if we haven’t met and not being a best friend we wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity of running a fashion business.

What is Danjyo Hiyoji’s signature?
Each season our design will be renewed to the constant changing needs but how we deliver the raw concept to the final presentation could be one of the reason we still in this industry. Usually we came up with strong concept and combined them in solid presentation, when our message perceived by people through our collection, the pieces will be sold in no time and creates its own trend.

How do you want Danjyo Hiyoji to be seen or perceived?
We want to be seen as a fast growing local label that produces the latest street wear trends at competitive prices. We direct this label to be acceptable to people with different characters and to give them freedom to show their own version of Danjyo Hiyoji. The reaction was positive, people started to acknowledge our brand as one of potential brand to do something different.

If you could collaborate with anyone and or any brand, who would it be and what would you create?
In the past we have done  so many collaboration with talented people such as Illustrator Monica Hapsari, Graffiti artist Kimswell, Videographer Reuben Tourino, Aad from chiel shoes, Andi Yulianti from House of Jealouxy and more. This year we’re doing a collaboration with Nissan March in the search of young talented designers also to launch our new SS16 Collection.

Lastly, can you tell us about your newest collection?
Our Latest collection called Chameleon launched at JFW last time. It’s all about 80’s Vibe and was inspired by the iconic, Boy George. But the most exciting yet is our Spring Summer 16 “ PARADISO” that will be launched this April 2016.

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