Reasons to Avoid Black This Winter - and Forever

Reasons to Avoid Black This Winter - and Forever

Welcome November, when the air is getting colder as the sky turns gray. During this kind of season, almost all of us are guilty of unconsciously turning to the darker spectrum of colors, and at some point will be reaching for an all-black outfit because it just seems like a perfect match. It’s the epitome of timelessness – what could go wrong with a black top, black jeans, and black coat mix? Nothing, it’s just instant chic.

However, let’s stop ourselves from dampening the mood even further. Getting up in the winter morning might be a little depressing and wearing black won’t help you feel better, so why not wear color against the drab weather? There are countless fresh alternatives to black: camels, creams, whites, and shades of gray, these are just some neutral picks. The deeper shade of green is also a rich tone to add to your winter wardrobe while reds and blues would go as gallant all year long just like how fun prints would spice up any kind of outfit no matter when. Denim and head-to-toe pastel are also pretty much irresistible. Still not sure how to pull of these summery colors into the winter? The key to hold is that you could always mix textures. Throw wool together with silk, and lace with fur, have fun!

Let’s not go under the weather, wear colors!

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