Real Life Etsy Experience

Real Life Etsy Experience

When it comes to one of a kind handcrafted goods, Etsy has been a platform which provides. Since early 2000s it has been on outlet for artists, designers & crafters to reach wider market. Additionally, they have formed a community of indie products enthusiasts. And while all those have been achieved online, the e-commerce is now ready to expand take by opening their first physical store in Macy’s Herald Square New York.

The Etsy Shop is now located on the newly renovated lower level of Macy’s iconic Herald Square location, called one below- a store focused on shoppers in their teens and twenties. For their launching, the store is bringing “New York” theme from Etsy sellers like Debbie Lee of Penelope’s Press and Aimée and Sara Schiwal of Hook & Matter. The Macy’s mini-shop has been decorated with Etsy’s goods featuring 57 products in the jewelry, stationery, and housewares categories. It was launched on January 28, 2015 and the theme will change every two months.

Source: Etsy Blog, Racked

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