Rapture: An Exploration of Human Sensuality by MAZUKI

Rapture: An Exploration of Human Sensuality by MAZUKI

Entering their second year in the industry, MAZUKI comes up with yet another drop of capsule collection. As they did on their previous one ‘Repression’, this third collection called ‘Rapture’ also reflects their penchant for taking human internal issues as inspiration and turning it into something beautiful.

In Rapture, MAZUKI wants to shift our view by exploring a public taboo and representing it in a way that people can easily relate to. They believe that there is purity in sensuality, even though this side often gets underrepresented. For far too often sensuality is portrayed with vulgarity, and through this collection, they are trying to prove it otherwise. They want to show that sensuality is better illustrated with a sense of humility.

Talking about sensual clothes, one might easily think of skin-baring outfit. However, MAZUKI’s idea of sensuality is not by drawing too much unnecessary attention. Instead, they create it by incorporating details derived from human’s bareness. One of their predominantly used details in this collection is structural pleats which meant to resemble the shape of spinal cord.  The other are ear-shaped pockets stitched at the chest, high slit cuts and curved hems to tease the thighs and ankles. For the materials, the palette was kept around earth tones to create a metaphorical sense of nudity and nature.

Including pieces for both men and women, this Rapture collection is available for purchase in Galleries Lafayette SCBD, Bobobobo.com, gnossem.com and Shoppe33.com.

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