Raf Simons Is the New Face of Calvin Klein

Raf Simons Is the New Face of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein finally confirmed the long-rumored appointment of Raf Simons. For nearly two years, Calvin Klein has defined its narrative by its advertising. The brand had what seemed to be an endless capacity, and budget, to churn out campaigns starring young, hot things like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, FKA Twigs, Zoë Kravitz, and Bella Hadid. On Tuesday, Calvin Klein announced on Twitter and Instagram that Raf Simons has signed on as its new chief creative officer. And just like that, the attention’s turned back to the clothes.

The Belgian designer replaces Francisco Costa on the women’s side, and Italo Zucchelli on the men’s, both of whom exited the company in April of this year, as Calvin Klein’s chief creative officer. Simons exited Dior last October after three years in the driver’s seat, citing increasing stress and pressure as the reason for his departure — which makes his appointment at Calvin Klein, a $10bn megabrand, seem a little strange. In his new role, the Belgian designer will be overseeing CK’s many, many sub-labels and licenses — from fragrances, denim, and underwear to men’s and women’s clothing and the high-end Calvin Klein Collection line. Simons had to design a whopping six collections per year at Dior, some in as little as five weeks. And his new role at CK sounds like exactly the sort of thing he hated doing at the Parisian house. So the question is obviously, what will Raf Simon’s Calvin Klein look like?

Wait for Simons Calvin Klein debut for AW17 next year.

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