PUKA, Reflecting Strokes of Rainbows on Gunny Sack

PUKA, Reflecting Strokes of Rainbows on Gunny Sack

Gunny sack is the epitome of shabby and might be the last material one might choose to build a design on. But boldly, a Bandung-based brand PUKA chooses this material as their signature. Redesigning and repurposing old bags and making it into something wearable have been something that comes as a hobby for Dessy Nur Anisa Rahma. But once her handmade gunny sack laptop case fetch some remarkable awes from friends, her entrepreneurial drive was triggered. With the help of her friends, she decided to start a brand and named it PUKA.

 The name PUKA itself is an abbreviation from Sundanese words ‘Pulas Katumbiri’ which translates to ‘Stroke of rainbow’. This explains their highly colorful and fun interpretation of products. The interesting texture of gunny sack is juxtaposed with vibrant colors of wool thread which then received playful embroidery patterns all over it. Along with their geometric-shaped embroideries, other playful details such as pompoms and tassels are also added to further attract their target segmentation: people with cheerful teenage spirit.

Although producing various accessories like shoulder bags, tote bags, and pouches, the founder of PUKA did not have any background in fashion. Graduating from SBM ITB, she mastered in creative and cultural entrepreneurship instead. This background also seem to be something that make them refuse to settle on ‘just business’.  “Entrepreneurship is not only about making money. It’s about assisting others,” explains her. With this vision, they currently employ 4 students with special needs from Garut, West Java, and They also incorporate local materials from Garut like fragrant root and water hyacinth. In the future, they wishes to be able to empower more less-fortunate people with their business.  Just as they wish their brand to spread the beauty of the rainbow around, they also wish to give some social impact for people around them.

Claiming to be a fan Diela Maharanie’s art, PUKA wishes to be able collaborate with the artist in their upcoming projects. They admire Diela’s use of colors and think that both of their style would blend very well. As for their latest collection, PUKA explores the use of other materials such as velvet. The material will be used to make a mini backpack by still incorporating PUKA’s signature patterns. You can check out their latest embroidery play on instagram @puka_id


PUKA – Pulas Katumbiri
Bandung, Indonesia
Phone: +628997783654
Line ID: pulaskatumbiri

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