Primp it Like Beckham

Primp it Like Beckham

Whether as a remarkable football legend, a world-class superstar, a style icon or an otherworldly dapper dad, David Beckham has got a reputation. As an overallexceptional human being, perhaps. In that sense, when a commercial narrates a story of how the whole city wants to be like Beckham, it doesn’t seem as much of an exaggeration.

The latest H&M campaign, directed by Fredrik Bond, revolves around a story on how David realizes that everyone wants to dress just like him. Everybody around him is wearing the same thing as him, including skateboarding kids, a baby, a grandma, and everyone in the city. The campaign, which was shot in the street of Lisbon, highlights David’s role as a style leader to millions of men around the world. The commercial also showcases a range from H&M modern essential menswear collection which is personally selected by the icon himself.

The selected pieces consists of various polo shirts, button-ups, blazers, striped tees, dark denims and suit pants which perfectly reflects his immaculately timeless way of dressing. For David, it’s about mixing the traditions of menswear with fresh ideas that move menswear forward. And when it comes to men’s style, David’s is the one whose lead is worth to emulate. The new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham collection will be available in two drops – February 18 and March 10 – in all H&M stores that carry menswear, as well as online. Those who aspire to be as primp as Beckham better keep an eye on this collection.


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