Portraying The Indonesian Streetwear Movement with East Hood

Portraying The Indonesian Streetwear Movement with East Hood

If you grow up in an urban scene through the early to mid-2000s, it is most likely that you went through a phase where all the cool kids were wearing clothes from the Distro (Acronym for Distribution Store). First popular in Bandung, they usually provide limited self-produced clothing that differs from the one in the mainstream market.The style itself was widely inspired by the music and skater culture.

For the past few years, the dominance of those fashion subcultures seems to diminish due to the ever changing trend. However, despite being born in the middle of that wave (in 2002 to be precise) Easthood might be one of the only few which managed to withstand the shifting trends. It is due to their willingness to combine their identity with the advent of streetwear at the post millenium era, and develop from there.

Established in Eastern region of Bandung where the streetwear fever was caught (thus the name East hood), the brand was found by a bunch of local skaters who are highly inspired by the culture of the city itself. They admit that their design was inspired by kustom kulture typical illustration, and skateboard apparel from 1990s to 2000s. Besides that, they also took a huge portion of their inspiration from the DIY aesthetic of punk to hip hop genre, surf, and skate cultures. To put it shortly: East hood has been trying to live up the local streetwear scene by bringing alternative taste to the table since day one.

Apparently, the cultural references do not only take the aesthetic aspect of the said culture. Standing as a brand who describes themselves as rebellious, they often criticize the phenomenon or system that might not fit in our culture. “By the culture, we mean system that confuses us and not setting us free,” they stated. These kinds of criticisms are then voiced through the way they design their apparel, and then spread through the people who wear them.

Now, in the midst of the re-awakening of streetwear scene, East Hood is readily serving a range of stellar streetwear gears. Their new collection is called “The Great Mistake”. “Mostly people see mistake as a bad thing, but clearly it’s not,” they stated.  Through this collection, they want to change how mistake should be viewed. “We can enjoy the mistake by making it as an entertainment and turn it into a masterpiece.” This idea is translated to a range of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and shirts with provocative remarks like “National Doctrine” and “Suicide Bound Suicide” plastered onto it. To check the full collection, do pay a visit to their, website, and instagram page.

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