Portland England, Your Grooming Ally

Portland England, Your Grooming Ally

The number of skin care line out there dedicated specifically for men might not even reach the number of fingers on our hands. Often times they come from a men’s section as an extension of general woman’s line. It could be because the skin care market for men is not yet as vast as it is for the women. Amongst all these scarcity, however, an England based Portland skin care presents with an extensive line which is made to serve men’s grooming needs.

Shaving can be challenging and quite troublesome for the skin. Thus, Portland England is designed to ease your shaving experience with products ranging from shaving creams, aftershave, cologne, to shaving brush. The skin care also especially made to replenish lost moisture from the skin and help combat the irritation as well as damages caused by shaving. Using water as the base, their products are engineered to hold moisture and continuously hydrate the skin. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to help plump, soften and hydrate your skin.

Their branding also reflects the same breath. With James Burton taking over the design, their brand identity took the inspiration from the British tradition of the Shipping Forecast. The color blue dominates the theme, while their packaging is plastered with tasteful wave prints to resemble the hydrating benefit their products offer. They even managed to won The International Visual Identity Awards through this vivid branding. However, in account of their belief in responsible manufacturing, they make products in Britain in small batches to maintain tight quality controls over the production process. Therefore, you might actually go the extra miles to get a splash of their shaving aid excellence.


Portland England

Phone : 00 44 1406 362633
E-mail :  info@portlandengland.com
Portland England, The Churchyard,
Long Sutton, Lincolnshire,
England, PE129JH
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