Playing Team Up

Playing Team Up

Valentine’s Day is coming. The one day of love you want to spend with your favorite person, as well as chocolate truffles, rose-dotted bouquets, champagne tossed and cupid’s arrows. And from a sartorial standpoint, why not infuse some of the passion synonymous with the special day into your wardrobe? Okay, you might cringe at the idea of going matchy-matchy head to toe look with your partner, because dressing up in matching outfits seems a little childish. However, it is the value of togetherness that is important. And somehow it could be a fun thing to engage in.

For some couples, doing “couply” things comes naturally, whether sharing a whole dictionary of inside jokes, splitting entrees, and celebrating special days with an elaborate tradition . Because somewhat it is a chance for couples to bond. This kind of matchy-matchy dressing as a non-verbal way to communicate that, “yes, they’re on the same team”. And couple dressing is a delicate art that requires communication at the start of day to show their fashion-focused affection for one another.It can also act as the sartorial equivalent of pledging your love or marking your territory.

The key to non-cheesy couple dressing is sharing the style vibes in order to coordinate rather than wearing something identical. Because we all know, you would not want to look tacky. The couple look–which usually feature identical his-and-hers versions of an entire outfit–actually looks better with just a few coordinated key items. You can also incorporate same texture, pattern or color. Matching only the overcoats or shoes could also be a big statement as well.

Here we show you some inspiration of some well-executed couple dressing. Featuring all styles from alternative to sleek to hipster to college-casual  to trend apparent in solid colors–every style to choose from to suit you and your partner.

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