Plant-Power Your Phone

Plant-Power Your Phone

Food, clothing, and housing are not the only basic needs for urbanites. They just can’t seem to optimally function without their phone fully charged at all times—that, and maybe coffee. To respond to the growing needs for portable electrical outlets, few innovative designs had been created. We’ve discuss about Junya Watanabe’s solar panel coat before, and now another greener option is already available on the market. A Barcelona-based company, Arkyne Technologies just released a product which allows us to charge our phone on a real, living plant.

Named Bioo Lite, the product is in a form of a single potted plant which uses the energy generated by photosynthesis to charge smartphones. Through the process, sunshine turns carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and organic compounds which is then broken down by the bacteria into electrons that travel along nanowires. The resulting electricity then powers a USB port, in which you can plug your phone or tablet cable. The time this product needed to fully charge a phone depends on the phone’s battery capacity, but the company claims that it should be similar to using your computer to juice up your device.

For those who are interested to invest in green technology, the pot is available for an early bird special of roughly $112 on Indiegogo. The company already surpassed its goal of raising nearly $17,000 and is estimated to begin shipping as early as December 2016.


Via: Yahoo Tech

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