Phylyda: Swimwear Shouldn't Be a Nightmare

Phylyda: Swimwear Shouldn't Be a Nightmare

We all know the horror that is swimsuit shopping. Sometimes it’s too big, too small, a bit saggy, or riding up, well you know the drill. But is it too much to ask for one that’s just right? Introducing Phylyda (pronounced phil-le-da), a new line of swimwear and après-swim loungewear by Lydia Maurer specializing in suiting for all and emphasis on all. 

The German-born 33-year-old designer, who studied at Studio Berçot in Paris has worked for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Paco Rabanne. And now she’s back in her hometown, Berlin, and fearlessly taking the plunge into swimwear. In an interview with Vogue, Lydia says, “for the first year, it was all about funneling the great inspiration and knowledge I had gained throughout my career. Essentially, I think as a designer, it is my job to make pieces that work with the natural shape of different bodies and to bring out the best of what’s there!”

As a result, Phylyda has a very distinctive, strong and colorful palette and looks like a pure novelty in the boring, repetitive world of swimsuits. The swimwear ranging from sizes 4 to 18, and up to a 42F cup. “Body image is a huge sore point for a lot of women—especially when it comes to shopping for swimwear,” said Lydia. Fine-tailored and thoughtfully constructed, she uses Italian fabrics and materials in an array of exotic colors, all fast-drying and SPF 50 protected. Select styles are laser cut, bonded, seamed, and feature caffeine microencapsulation to enhance skin texture while lounging. “We are at our most unclothed wearing swimwear, and I love the idea of being able to assist in making that moment that much more insouciant," she continued. 


The collection are set to drop in November, but you don’t have to wait until then to get your feet wet. A limited capsule collection ‘Anneaux Noirs’ refers to ‘swimmable embroidery’, is available since July 18. The range was designed using a 3-D silicone screen print that adds a special texture to the fabric. The capsule includes 4 tops, 4 bottoms, and a swim dress, all made from exclusive Italian fabrics that employ lingerie fitting techniques, bra measurements and adjustable extras like back clasps and extenders so you can get the fit just right and it all comes in black. You can of course mix-and-match pieces however you like and prices range from $100-$286.

Maurer did not take any short cut and studied all body types so that most women would find their perfect fit at Phylyda. Because one doesn’t fit all, she personalized her designs to fit curvy, tall, petite. All with the same quality and attention to detail. Chic, Smart and Sexy, our curves couldn’t be any happier. Follow them on Instagram, and visit their Website

Source: Vogue

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