Phantasma*Studio Shades of Blue

Phantasma*Studio Shades of Blue

Such a simplistic yet brave move that it seems to deliver a whole story with one single shade. But this is the approach that Phantasma*Studio use for their newest collection. Titled ‘Gordon Blue’ they deliver their vision in one single shade: blue, and no other colors.


Through this collection, designer Eric Liem aim to proclaim his idea of minimalism. He creates an assortment of wearable basics with a little twist of personality. All pieces are completely presented in solid cobalt blue and each of them exudes the sense of coolness. The solidity echoed all the way to their shapes, flaunting precise cutting and clean lines. The results are the straightforward silhouettes which then proportionately complemented by the calmness and composure of the color blue.

The collection itself is small, but quite tastefully definitive. Carrying the concept of East meet West, the collection offers two types of workwear shirts. The basic ‘Americana’ and more elaborative ‘Oriental’ one which features cheongsam style buttons. It also have the word “dingin” emblazoned on top of their graphic long sleeve t-shirt and tote bags. The only two bottoms in the collections are two pair of shorts called Ghurka and Fatigue which both hits above the knees but varied in their fits. A baseball caps with tiny polar bear hit on front completed the collection.

Their desire to create a new form of beauty that goes beyond expectation translates well in their handsomely made lookbook and quixotic campaign video that teased our mind enough. It can be assured that their latest collection is now something to reside our forethought. While the collection is yet to be released, the designer revealed the launching will be around this month in Sunset Limited café, Kemang Timur. It will also be sold in Sunset Limited Pop Up store and bobobobo. Until then, keep up with their latest update through their website here and instagram here.

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