Personalized Feelings for Your Smartwatch

Personalized Feelings for Your Smartwatch

Back in the day, kids would customize their stuffs to differ it with someone else’s. They would put stickers on their notebooks, their initials on their bags, jackets, hats, and everywhere else. All to give a touch of personality on those massively produced goods that are otherwise seem to be lacking on characters. In the digital era, however, the customizations extend beyond the outer case. After—for quite a long time—being able to customize our phone to best respond our needs, now we are able to add modification to our watches as well.

After the release of their smartwatch, Google keeps expanding by collaborating with various designers to enrich the watch’s appearance options. Despite already having more than 1.500 looks to choose from, google now presents nine new designs from a range of brands including Y-3, Asics, Melissa Joy Manning, Ted Baker, Vivienne Tam, Mango, Nicole Miller and Harajuku Kawaii. The watch faces are available to download on Android-backed devices now through the Play Store. It’s all to provide you with even more freedom to customize your android wear, to make it feel more like your own –just like the old days.

Source: Hypebeast

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