"Personal Universe" an Artwork by Rama Dauhan is Open for Auction

"Personal Universe" an Artwork by Rama Dauhan is Open for Auction

In order to create our offline manifestation, Inhype teamed up with various emerging talents. One of the featured talent is Rama Dauhan. Through this artwork titled "Personal Universe" the artist tries to define himself as a person in terms of life and career — what he sees, what he feels, and what he likes. The artwork is executed using various techniques inspired by the fashion industry: patchwork, embroidery and manipulation. By using natural dyes like turmeric, pandan leafes, and beetroot, he further explores his creativity to portray every substance that he perceives. The result is an art piece that not only shows his handcrafting prowess but also reflect what he truly cares for.

By showcasing this artwork we are trying to show our support towards new talents. And to further concretize our action, we are also going to put the artwork up on auction for charity. 100% of the fund raised will be donated to Sayap Dewantara (@sadewaind), an educational based organization that put concerns on education of Indonesian children, especially those living in the borders of the country. By holding this auction we’re trying to live up to our vision to support new talents everywhere—including those hidden gem of youth in areas with less access to facilities. We believe in cultivating creativity since early, and by asking you to contribute, we’re inviting you to support the cause.

Here we present to you a sneek peek of the "Personal Universe"


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