Peanuts Celebrating Their 65th Anniversary with Collaborations

Peanuts Celebrating Their 65th Anniversary with Collaborations

This year marks Peanuts’ 65th anniversary, and in the spirit of celebration, a number of brands collaborated with Peanuts for an extensive collection. Featuring everything from T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, sneakers, coffee mug, and even a chair, it is a precious commemorative release. Among the brands that joined forces with Peanuts are PORTER, Digawel, LOOPWHEELER, Lacoste, Bata Tennis, and Kartell – each utilize either the iconic or reworked graphics of the cartoon characters.

Japanese luggage PORTER’s highly limited capsule collection for Peanuts consists of a messenger bag, wallet and coin case – all rendered in a classic black colorway, featuring gold hardware and also an embroidery of Snoopy. They are priced between JPY10,000 and JPY30,000.

Digawel, rather than putting a character on their checkered shirt, put on the alias of Snoopy instead – the name Joe Cool is featured right in the middle, the black color contrasting its white and blue background.

Some brands also printed the iconic Charles M. Schulz’s dog character on their garments. LOOPWHEELER put Snoopy on their sweatshirts in two versions – one going surfing, and the other skiing; where as Cracker put the chef-hatted Snoopy.

Spicing up the striped shirts is the sailor-hatted Snoopy, as seen on le Minor’s capsule collection for Peanuts.

With Lacoste though, rather than just simply embroidered the character on their polo shirts, they made their crocodile interacts with the Peanuts characters. See how the croc eaten Snoopy’s fishing bait and how it plays golf with Charlie Brown? Those are not the only adorable encounters.

Bata Tennis put one Peanuts character on each shoe, with Snoopy playing tennis with a different opponent on each pair.

This collaboration, as mentioned above, is not limited to clothing. In the home goods section there is a white mug by Fire-King featuring Snoopy holding a mug (mugception, anyone?), also there is a candle by Astier de Villatte where the lovely dog is holding some flowers. Let’s not forget the transparent chair with astronaut Snoopy stepping on the surface of the moon made by Kartell.

Look for the 65th anniversary collaborative collection from Peanuts to begin arriving at select retailers later in October.


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