Pause and Relax

Pause and Relax

Smartphones, among others, are the biggest source of distractions. Amid endless notifications and bombardment of visual stimuli, it may be difficult to perceive smartphones as a place to reach peacefulness. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way though – with a $2 app called Pause, ustwo turned that conception upside down. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to get similar results to the traditional principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness in minutes.

Brought from the creators’ Nordic studio in Malmö, Sweden, Pause offers a different take on meditation – bringing the act of ‘focused attention’ to the mobile screen. Grounded in cognitive psychology and physiology, Pause uses a patent-pending technique to activate the restoration process and the relaxation response. The studio worked with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble to create the app.

Peng Cheng, founder of PauseAble, says: “Human attention has become a scarce commodity in the age of constant connectivity and stimulations provided by modern technology. The inner skill of paying attention at will is one of the most fundamental elements for balanced living in the age of distractions.”

To create its effect, the app combines sound and visuals. When the user touches the screen with their finger, they will first hear ambient sounds that then simultaneously produce a colorful shape that pulsates and changes as it is dragged across the screen. “Users are encouraged to close their eyes, relax and enjoy the subtly evolving soundscape, until they’ve regained a sense of calm and focus,” says ustwo.

Pictures courtesy of ustwo

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