Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style (Part 2)

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style (Part 2)

Here is why people love fashion: it is a platform of self-expression; a simple, yet intricate form of art, a world where everything and anything can happen – no mistakes allowed because there is nothing wrong in fashion. There ain’t such thing as rules. Why can’t blondes wear yellow, why not put opposing patterns together? This world is all about pushing boundaries and challenging creativity. It is stimulating as it is fascinating. Nothing can stop the lovers of this world – let it snow, let it rain, these people will still walk out against the storm in style – and fashion loves them for it.

The outfit galore continues all along Paris Fashion Week, filled with skillful layering, volume experiments, delightful texture, captivating colors, and clashing patterns. These industry insiders coming to the shows seemed to be having fun with their clothing, showing them off like masterpieces – which they are, because those outfits were brilliant. And although Paris Fashion Week has ended, these people will march on, sharing their love for fashion to the world who adores them for it.

Pictures by Phil Oh via

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