Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style (Part 1)

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2016 Street Style (Part 1)

Perhaps it is because of the sartorial prestige owned by the French capital, but everyone coming to Paris will unconsciously pack up the best in their closet to live up to the intimidating stereotype of the city’s residents – to be fashionable.

That being said, the usual tourist getup is seemingly invisible in the city. Here, the outfit game levels up – especially with Paris Fashion Week in full swing. The beginning of October in Paris marks the arrival of a particular tribe. Yes, roaming around the city to attend shows, are the fashion industry insiders who always appear on point, dress to the nines in either vintage or newest release. Indeed, what is going on off the runway is a show on its own.

The looks outside the shows are a healthy mix of high-end getups and street. Blending luxurious, tailored pieces with sneakers or other sportswear like track pants or bomber jackets. Very glamorous yet laid back, they are fresh with a lot of color, volume, and textures. With this, it’s clear – fashion is a form of art, and these people are using their body as the canvas.

Pictures by Phil Oh via

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