Packing Made Easier with 360° Suitcase

Packing Made Easier with 360° Suitcase

Let’s face it. Even though most people would agree to include travelling as one of their favorite things to do, not everyone is blessed with immaculate packing skills. There are always those mistakes like putting your frequently-used stuffs in the innermost part of your suitcase, or randomly throwing your small equipment into the suitcase and not being able to find it later. There are simply too much rules, and too much things to learn, while honestly, we just want to grab our bags and go. You can however, keep these problems at bay by choosing the right suitcase.

As a part of its’ 10th year anniversary brand rebranding, a Japanese suitcase brand, proteca taps nendo by creating a much needed suitcase to answer your travelling needs. These suitcases came with quite revolutionary feature such as 360° which allow you to access your stuffs from multiple angles. Finding a toothbrush you randomly toss on your suitcase would no longer be an issue. The bag also includes silent casters, and designed with rigid yet light construction to make it easier to use. So, packing novice everywhere, forget all the rules, this might just be a suitcase that can save your day.

Source: Selectism

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