Out Loud

Out Loud

Beside dozens other things in the guide books, dressing up in its very core is an outstanding way to express oneself. The clothes you wear speak much more than you think. It projects what you like, your values, your lifestyle, how you wish others would see you, and sum it all up in something as brief as one look.

Now let’s talk about the case of the street goers, specifically those with certain factors in their style so that they got snapped by street style photographers. If all of them should have something in common, it would be: personality.  In each of their looks, the street goers managed to infuse their own characters to their outfit. The results are well-translated ensemble that differ themselves from others.

If you happen to have massive personality, and wish the world to acknowledge it, take the cues from these street style stars. They showcase their identity by wearing it on their sleeves—literally. By choosing the right outerwear, they describe themselves through all the embellishments and statement making graphics plastered onto it. Hence, graphic outerwears are tested and true items for those who needs to speak their personality, out loud. No talking required.

Images via: Vogue

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