Our Streetstyle Favorites from Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016

Our Streetstyle Favorites from Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016

Each fashion week is exciting. They are filled with fresh ideas and masterpieces, things to grab as soon as it got under the flashlights’ radars. But in all honesty, the scene outside that entire blitz, the street, is equally thrilling.

Take a look at the attendees, being on the race to be the most daring, or even the most laid-back (all hail the effortless chic), the people coming for the event each are putting their minds into what they wear – creating an art display for bystanders to admire and of course to be immortalized by the street style hunters. Thus, we have put our eagle eyes on high alert and curated the finest; nonpareil looks from Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016.

Brilliant that they are, inspirations oozes from their looks. Giving lessons on how being chic is simple and wearing color is as easy as putting monochrome pieces together, the masters are stirring us up. Notice how they are wearing all over pattern without looking silly? The key is to keep the silhouette simple. Bringing in colors into an outfit is also nothing outrageous; just grab an accessory with bold color. And when you feel like not dressing up so fancy, slip into the comfy t-shirt and jeans whilst keeping your jewelries pretty. Don’t neglect another amazing point: sunglasses. A good pair can bring your outfit from zero to hero.

They have really put the fashion theories into practice. What are you waiting for?

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