Ottoman’s: One Stop Spot for Coffee and Brunch

Ottoman’s: One Stop Spot for Coffee and Brunch

In a city where most urban spot are converged in the South region, to find a nice hanging out place up North (where the culinary scene is dominated by restaurants) feels like a breath of fresh air. If you’re coming across Pluit Karang region, however, you’ll bound to notice this café’s charming glass door and windows which reveals its cozy interior. That very front look is what led us to pay a visit to this coffee place which curiously named after a Turkish Empire.

As it turns out, the name was chosen as a tribute to the Ottoman Empire, namely the first to spread coffee around the world. Moving with the same spirit, Ottoman’s was found by 5 friends who are highly dedicated to coffee making. They wish to spread the coffee culture around and thus, the café operates since February 5th 2016. Despite being relatively new, Ottoman’s has been serving freshly brewed coffee daily ever since. They also took pride on their specialty coffee which they call ‘bone breaker’. The name, so it seems, also derived from a nickname from one of Ottoman’s Emperor.

Despite loaded with Turkish hints, don’t expect that the middle-eastern theme would extend beyond its naming. While infusing details like patterned tiles and cushions, the overall decor in the café offers a contemporary ambience in its considerably spacious area. Whilst for the entrée, those who are not that much of a coffee enthusiast need not to worry much. Apparently, Ottoman’s is an ideal place for those who love to indulge themself as they carry a range of delicious brunch food that are too good to be skipped.

Their croque madame turns out to be our favorite. Served with luscious bacon of your choice (pork or beef) the sandwich is perfectly enveloped by the softness of poached egg and melted cheese. They also did a magnificent job on their avo toast. On top of ciabatta bread, the avocado creamy goodness is presented by combining it with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and stir fried mushroom on the side. For those who are commited to eat clean, Ottoman’s also provides. All their food is cooked with sea salt, olive oil, and 100% without preservatives. Besides, they also offer a granola bowl which is absolutely refreshing. Various cold pressed juice and herbal tea are also provided to complete your healthy eating regime.

Whilst might not be the first area you’d think about when arranging a day out with friends, considering the good coffee, the luscious entrées, and comfortable space, Ottoman’s is obviously a place you should think about next time you’re in need of a good brunch.

Photos by: Alexander Christian


Jl. Pluit Karang Utara No. 119
Jakarta Utara, 14450

+62 21 6678121



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