Ombre Fever

Ombre Fever

Summer is not completed without the perfect fashion statement from the one and only, Christian Louboutin. The famous red soles creator has always been a step-ahead in the shoes-department, trending the most-wanted shoes of all times. This season, Monsieur Louboutin just launched an ombre collection, displayed in stilettos, flats and bags.

The colors come in red, green, and blue hues creating a lively combination for the ideal summer staples. The famous PIgalle Follies, Decolette, Degraspike and Pigalle flats are the chosen models to present the newest family members. Louboutin’s peculiarity is not only about the sexy red soles, this French footwear brand has intriguing features known such as the spikes patched in their shoes, thus for this collection they come with matching ombre colors to complement the phenomenal shoes.


Pigalle Spikes Flats

Pigalle Follies

Follies Spikes

Pigalle Flats

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