Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Harring Presents Capsule Collection

Olympia Le-Tan x Keith Harring Presents Capsule Collection

What's old is new again: The '80s are coming back with a vengeance! Olympia Le-Tan has launched a brand new capsule of her iconic clutches featuring a selection of Keith Haring’s artwork. Some of the illustrations handpicked by Le-Tan for the collection are Haring’s Pop Shop III (1989),Mom (1989), and Andy Mouse (1986). In addition, the designer has reinterpreted some of the artist’s work into her signature book cover clutches, including his 1989 piece for the Paris Review.

"Haring's work is so fun and colorful," Le-Tan told Vogue.com. "It looks naive yet it's very political, which is why I like it so much. I thought this would be a good capsule to complement our fall collection, Framed, which was about the art world." Le-Tan combed through the artist's archives to pick her favorite pieces, which were rendered on one of the capsule's 12 bags and clutches.




And for the campaign, Le-Tan scored cool girl Chloë Sevigny to be the face of the collection. "I feel like she would definitely have been hanging out with Keith Haring had they been from the same generation," Le-Tan told Vogue.com—and we happen to wholeheartedly agree.

Priced between €890.40 EUR (approximately $978.75 USD) and €1,620 EUR (approximately $1781.23 USD), you can now preorder the collection at Olympia Le-Tan’s website.

Source Vogue

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