Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab Open "The Circle" Exhibition

Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab Open "The Circle" Exhibition

Leave it to Olivier Rousteing to build buzz around his designs, to celebrate the upcoming launch of the NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing collection, Rousteing has now unveiled an exhibition in Shanghai, China. Called “The Circle, the exhibition shares the same soccer theme with the collection. 

Held at Nike’s X158 flagship store in the Chinese metropolis, the exhibition features artworks from three artists, namely Zhangzhou Jie, Super Nature Design and WOFO. Each of the artworks signify an aspect of a soccer match, and when put together, they depict the beautiful game itself. Super Nature Design’s most notable feature was its kick-off circle, suspended in mid-air by wire; its centerpiece fitted with LED lighting, while surrounding architecture – defined by its hexagonal construction – enveloped the smaller circle like a net. WOFO pieced together a complete player using 11 fragmented limbs made from weathered stone to depict how attackers are unyielding, just like the earth. Meanwhile, the group’s gold sculpture offered proof that goalkeepers are a team’s last line of defense and “guardian of war.” Finally, Zhangzhou Jie’s three-dimensional computer grid – created using cutting-edge digital technology – represents a new form of goal, one that advocates for sustainability.

NikeLab X158
No.158 Xinle Lu | Map 
Xu Hui Qu, Shanghai, China  

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