Next Level Food Color Coordination

Next Level Food Color Coordination


We all have our fair share of instagramming our foods even if it means that we only going to be able to eat them once they’re already cold. No one is to be blamed, though. Sometimes we just love our food so much and we truly appreciate the plating set-up that we can’t simply let the meal disappears within minutes without any reminder of how amazing it was. However, let’s admit that few (if not none) of us would be able to beat this food documenting ability shown by Lucy Litman.

Starting out as a hobby, Litman’s penchant to match food with pantone colors resulted in a huge collection of images.  All of which can be found under #pantoneposts hashtags on Instagram. Soon enough her photos gained a lot of loves (1000 and up!), and how can it not? Her ability to find food with color that matches those of pantone is very on point. Just take a look at these charming collections of citruses, eggs, mushrooms, jams, and carrots. These otherwise mundane ingredients managed to gain their artful appeal once showcased alongside a pantone color to match.

We can’t imagine the time and dedication it took to sort all those food and colors, but all we know that aspiring food photographers of instagram should take notes. So, for those who want a regular dose of Pantone inspiration to bring their food photography to the next level, follow Lucy @lucialitman or you visit her website at

Via: Creative Boom

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