New Year, New Social Media Life

New Year, New Social Media Life

As the celebration past, many of us are reevaluating our lives and setting goals to take on 2016 better than ever. You start seeing the motivational “new year, new you” across social media and you feel prompted to make a resolution. Such as, this will be the year you finally start eating healthier. Or it will be the year you finally check off some places on your travel bucket list. But how about your social media resolution? Here are things that you really need to know about the new year, the new and healthier posting regimen!

Go au naturel! Take a break from those face-editing apps. Often when you use them, you forget what looks natural. Try keeping it real! There’s a movement to embrace imperfection and let the individual shine through that we hope to see more this year.

Show some love to your LinkedIn. LinkedIn—the poor neglected child of your social media sites. Update your profile, accept those invitations that have been sitting in your inbox for months and add your latest work to your page—take advantage of the resource, you will never know what kind of connections or even a future career you can make!

Limit your Snapchat stories to 1 minute or less. We all happily aware that Snapchat has removed its numbers in the timer, but that doesn’t mean we won’t realize your Snapchat story is actually very long, cause it gets pretty boring with time that you post whatever you see whenever you are. Well, try to live in the moment! The new year has a lot in store for you—you won’t want to miss out by being too glued to your screen.

This is important, think before you comment and argue. Everything new is happening every second all over the world, opinions will fire up more often and conversations will be all the more volatile. This doesn’t mean you should stop sharing your beliefs, but just be wary of and prepared for what reactions the articles or statements you post will incite. Not everything has to be a political rant or a comment showdown—as entertaining as it is for your followers.

Put the “act” in activism. Changing your profile picture or cover photo is a great way to spread awareness about a cause. But this year, try challenging yourself to offer more. Maybe make a small donation to an associated charity or sign a related petition. That will give a lot more and real meaning to the cause, rather than just putting it accross social media without really doing anything.

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