New Emojis to Be Released Soon

New Emojis to Be Released Soon

Sometimes we’re already on top of our texting game only to realize that there’s no emoji for something as relevant to our daily life like, say, face palming. And also, up to some times before now, the dancing girl in a red dress can only dance by herself (what’s up with that?). Fortunately, for those who enjoys abusing the use of emojis on every chat, the creator behind emoji just debuted the Unicode 9.0 release. 72 additional emoticons are reported to be coming this month.

With this update, smartphone users will be able to send 18 new food-related emojis like pancakes, burritos, croissants, champagne, and, bacon. And to further enhancing our freedom of text expression the new update will also include (the much needed) selfie hand, shrugging woman, a face-palming woman, and Pinocchio. The bride in the older version also can now also be accompanied by a groom and a Saturday Night Fever male dancer can now complement the dancer in a red dress. There are also plenty of new animal emojis as well as new sports-related icons.

And although the exact release date is yet to be announced, should the day finally come, you better be prepared for a long and exciting emoji war with your favorite texting mate.

Via: Teen Vogue, Glamour

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