Nastygal's New Provocative Collection Featuring Courtney Love

Nastygal's New Provocative Collection Featuring Courtney Love

Collaboration is the big thing this year. By working with celebrities, icons, and influencers alike, various brands adopted this popular way to reach to their customers. Just earlier this week, another major retailer, the Los Angeles based Nastygal announced that they were about to launch a new collaborative collection. The collaborating party is –much to our surprise— none other than Courtney Love herself.

The 51 years old rock icon is no stranger on being titled as style influencer. She managed to bring her self-described “kinderwhore” style into popularity back in the 90s. She also happened to be the muse to Heidi Slimane for Saint Laurent 2016 spring collection. What’s surprising is actually, that despite after 25 years after her album, people still somehow relate to her style, and seems to receive the collaboration news enthusiastically. Such might validate the power of this grunge princess on making a bold and lasting statement.

Love’s signature provocative look features torn, ripped tight or low-cut babydoll, peter pan collared dresses, slips, heavy makeup, barrettes, and leather boots or Mary–Jane shoes; pieces that will bring us back to the whole grunge vibe of the 90’s. Seeing how Nastygal would translate the style to recent-day wear would hopefully be a breath of fresh air. The collection is reported to be dropped soon, and you can keep an eye for the exact date from their website.

Source: Fashionista

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