Nadia Umammi: A Minimalist Extraordinaire

Nadia Umammi: A Minimalist Extraordinaire

If other designers would gladly be the face of their brands (take accounts on celebrity fashion directors like Rousteing, Tisci, or the locally famed Tex Saverio), Nadia Umammi prefers to keep it low key. Although her designs take shelter under her namesake brand, she wants people to recognize her work rather than for herself. Read along to find out about what’s worth knowing about this brand.

At first glance you might instantly notice its take on minimalism. But if you look closer, you might realize that the design is more conceptually intricate. To put it in her own words, Nadia described her creations to be “conceptual minimalist to create an aesthetic yet distinctive design”.

Indeed, although riding on the same mainstream wave with numerous other minimalist brands out there, there’s something about this label that make it stand out among the crowds. The design might be stripped down to the basic, but this brand is not one to shy away from playing with explorative silhouettes. Nadia Umammi also emphasizes on ambiguous and shapeless volumes and translate it into puffy asymmetric sleeves, geometrical necklines, and other details that even fashion vocabulary is not yet able to describe.

Despite its innovative and modern design, each piece is made to be wearable as the brand intends to add more option of not-so-regular daily ensemble to the market and give a new essence in Indonesia Fashion Industry. This also seems to be the flavor the industry needs, so despite being new, Nadia Umammi has gained quite remarkable recognition. Since it was established in 2015, she has participated in China Fashion Week, Indonesia Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week.

In her latest Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Nadia Umammi took “Involvement from Heart” as the theme. In which she talks about fear, fragility and anxiety of everyday passage. She also highlights imperfection and imbalance as part of life by incorporating asymmetric shape and faded print. For those who wish to infuse some new wave minimalism to their wardrobe, her latest collection is already available in their webstore and bobobobo.

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