MSGM Fall 2016

MSGM Fall 2016

For the men’s fall 2016, MSGM creative director — Massimo Giorgetti showed a fusion of subcultural references. Presented at Milan Fashion Week, his latest offering for MSGM menswear took a page out of Elizabeth Peyton’s books, or canvases, for that matter. He had half a dozen prints of  the artist’s misty, water-colored portraits pasted onto his fall/winter mood board.

The artist, Elizabeth Peyton is known for her water-color portraits, which Giorgetti translated into bold lines and whimsical outfits. The influence of Peyton’s work for the fall/winter 2016 collection was the sense of the spontaneity. Something that dashed off quickly, to capture a moment. Giorgetti said he liked that there was a hurried sense to the outfits he showed, topped with tousled hair and bottomed with sneakers, the in-between bits of tailoring and sports mashed and mangled together.

Giorgetti presented mash-up of fabrics of casual and formal, such as mohair, leather and vinyl. Sickly patent coats and trousers with felted wool cardigans, some of them pinned with plasticized corsages. Sweaters with a chomped-up hem, argyles motifs were perforated with holes, and the colors are orange, blue, pink, red and black. Print was almost abandoned, instead Giorgetti used time-consuming methods, like intarsia inlays or jacquards, to weave his graphics. The designer also blasted Cassius, the French electro band, to make everything pump with hyped-up speed, and the collection speak for grunge meets electroclash. ­




Photos via Vogue

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