Mountoya Presents the New Way of Mineral Water

Mountoya Presents the New Way of Mineral Water

What local brands have in minds nowadays are mainly ideas, passion, or a movement for a change. Mountoya has all these three aspects as they discovered  the world’s first time no-plastic-label mineral water. In order to build an eco-friendly products, Mountoya have minimized the plastic use for something that’s not too important, a plastic label. The result is an elegant yet simple design that allows you to see the water through the bottle without being distracted by the plastic label.

By offering these “hype bottles” – as they are called – Mountoya aims to transform lives. They are trying to encourage people to live as simply as possible among the complex life we are in today. With this thought in mind, Mountoya invite you to be wise in choosing water. Discover More about them here.

 Source Neighbourlist

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