Miami Art Basel 2015: What Would You Do with It?

Miami Art Basel 2015: What Would You Do with It?

Art. What is it really? Of course, there can be millions of different interpretation of an artwork depending on how many people who sees it. It could be simple or it could be deeper than the actual meaning the artist made it out to be. However, the purpose of art has been approached more straightforwardly in this modern day. It has always been an item of aesthetic, which is now getting a full-blown treatment with the invention of Instagram.


It's us girls, obvi. ???????? #artbaselmiami #sturtevant

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#EllsworthKelly, 'Brown Black White', 2013 via @matthewmarksgallery | Galleries 2015 #artbasel

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Walking into any art exhibition, you would see dozens of people holding their camera-ready phones, snapping pictures to be posted on their social media accounts. Some would deem that it is slightly unfortunate; people now see art as a background, rather than seeing it for what it is, and the reasons behind its creation. Now, everything has to be worthy of the Internet, including the pieces from Miami Art Basel 2015. Arguably, they are indeed picturesque and make for a nice photo set. Say, a feed on Instagram of your work posted by a stranger can surely be taken as a token of appreciation, no?


Nov 1: the #countdown to ???? #artbasel in #miamibeach ???? has begun. ????: @alexjsimons

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That being said, it is not necessarily a bad thing, of course. We do love sharing our object of affection to the wider crowd. And some people do take interesting pictures with the artworks for our amusements. Art is meant to be intriguing as it is interesting. Looking at the brightside, when people are taking a picture with it or of it, wouldn’t it be a desired reaction? Well, it is time to bid farewell to the amazing Miami Art Basel 2015, and here we leave you with some cheeky appreciation via Instagram.



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???????????? ????? @vajiajia #allofthelights #artbasel ?? #artbaesel

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