Meet The Giant Olympians

Meet The Giant Olympians

The summer olympic is currently ongoing in Brazil, but the sport is not the only big thing that you can expect to come out from this event. It is to be expected however, that as one of the most celebrated sport event that involves almost all the countries in the world, olympic enthusiasts would want to take their fair share in honor of the event. One of the biggest tribute yet might come from a french street artist named JR.

The artist is already known for his previous colossal works that contribute to disappearance of Louvre's pyramid. Now he comes back with art installations that are just as grand by creating giant sculptures of some olympic athletes. Hovering on top of the buildings in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, a giant version of Sudanese high jumper Mohamed Younes Idriss seemingly back-flipping over a 25-storey apartment block. Whilst the athlete didn’t actually pass the qualification for olympic 2016, JR explained that “He is there somehow”.

Other than the high jumper, JR also creates a swimmer and placing it by one of the Brazilian sore to make it looks like the athlete is ready to jump in to the sea. Both installations seamlessly interacts with their surroundings and has an uncanny resemblance for the real athletes portrayed. In order to achieve that, JR creates the installations by printing his photography on to giant sheets of fabric, which are then attached to scaffolds. Furthermore, the olympic is still ongoing so you might expect that these two are not the last ones that JR will create from this series. Keep a good watch for more by visiting his website at or follow him on Instagram @JR.

Via: Creative Boom

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