MAZUKI presents A Chat With Miranda

MAZUKI presents A Chat With Miranda

As one of the newest addition to Indonesian fashion industry, founded in 2015 MAZUKI, a ready-to-wear label by Miranda Mazuki, finally opened its first offline store following its presentation last year. On April 6, 2016 we set ourselves at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta to attend the official launching of MAZUKI’s “Capsule Collection 02: Repression” for Galeries Lafayette.

As the presentation begin, Bianca Belnadia as one of the muse of MAZUKI as well as the host for the night, along with 4 other muses greeted the invitees to have A Chat with Miranda. "An offline store is to get closer to MAZUKI women, or if explain, they have to be very open minded, independent, strong characters who are willing to try different ways. They are motivated with great initiatives, got a lot of bright ideas and willing to inspire other people as well,” said Miranda about MAZUKI its first outpost. Mazuki aspires to cultivate an appreciation of details in a world of superfluous aesthetics. With an appreciation of asymmetric lines, architecture and geometry, Mazuki is able to create a variety of quality garments that are versatile for everyday wear. 

MAZUKI’s “Capsule Collection 02” which entitled Repression embodies the concept of a defensive mechanism that was never taught but ingrained in our natural subconscious behaviours. "MAZUKI like to challenge the conventional way of construction, we like to experiment with diffrent patterns," said Miranda about the collection. Miranda played the picture of compressed minds and disruptive feelings into the details of MAZUKI’s garments. She created something beautiful out of repression by incorporating a fabric manipulation technique called ‘smocking’ onto loose drapery. The smocking detail is to represents repression whereas the loose silhouette speaks for freedom. "We have three pieces we made exclusively for Galeries Lafayette also three different scarfs each titled MA, ZU, and KI all of them are inspired by Paris," Miranda continued. For such an active women MAZUKI fits right into the closet because the collection speak for confidence in comfort fabrics an edgy designs.

Photos by Renata Angela

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