MAVE: Shaving Utensils for Women

MAVE: Shaving Utensils for Women

Shaving is strictly men’s business. At least, that’s what the market of grooming utensils show us. With shaving necessities targeting only male customers, it is as if women’s needs to deal with any unwanted hair do not exist. However, women actually do need to groom. And sometimes, they want to do it without feeling like the tools they are using are made for someone else.

Established in 2016, MAVE New York recently launch a range of products to fill in this overlooked market. Introducing their MAVE shave line, they presents a collection that reimagines the world of women’s shaving. “Ritual is important to me and I believe every activity should contain elements of beauty. The most unappealing element of my daily routine was shaving. I didn’t like the razors, the ingredients, or the way it left my skin feeling dry. This led me to create a new shaving experience for women.” Marisa Newman the Founder and CEO of Mave stated on the website.

Their shave collection includes razor, brush, and fleur cardamom scented skincare. Each of the items are designed with Brancusi’s ‘Bird in Space’ as inspiration—because clearly there’s nothing wrong with having a feminine aesthetic and having to shave at the same time.

Image Via: Vogue

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