Marni: Not a Boy Not Yet a Grown Man

Marni: Not a Boy Not Yet a Grown Man


We’ve all been in a puzzling transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. That was a phase where everything’s a little bit confusing yet a little bit exciting. This is also a phase where our sense of self slowly transitioned from a kid to a more independent being. This kind of insight then reflects in the way we act, the way we present ourselves, and thus the way we dress. With a sentiment towards that phase, in its latest collection, Marni tried to capture the awkwardness of adolescence and enfold it in the most charming way possible.


However, instead of being the stereotypical cool teens, The Marni men demonstrated a whole different kind of cool—which were more on the geek-chic side rather than the popular kids’ style. They were portrayed as gangly, yet classy, and dandy dudes whom are not afraid of a little twist. They were snatching pieces from their boyhood, like high-waisted pants, wide rimmed glasses, and boy’s shorts which are then combined with gentlemen staples like suit jackets, briefcases, and ties.


To even further illustrating the charm of a transition, the designer Consuelo Castiglioni shows it by playing with awkward proportions. All the clothes were tailored yet neither fitted nor oversized—reminding us of the growth spurt phase where none of our clothes would seem to fit right. Looking back, adolescence is the worst state in our lifetime style history. But seeing this collection by Marni, we might happily revisited that phase.

Via: Vogue

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