Man Repelling with Atea Oceania Capsule Collection

Man Repelling with Atea Oceania Capsule Collection

If there was a bunch of pioneers of people we call as “fashion influencers”, one of the honorable mention will undoubtedly go for Leandra Medine because she already spread her influence way even before the title was cool. Through her blog (now a fashion empire) Man Repeller, she introduced a style that combines luxury items with her sense of refreshing humor and nonchalance. So when it comes to building our style credibility, her taste is the one we can always look up to. Luckily for us, the man repeller recently worked on a collection we can wear.

As a part of a collaboration with a minimalist apparel brand Atea Oceanie, Medine recently contributed in designing a series of the business casual outfit. The design was conceptualized by Medine and Atea Oceanie's Laura Myers and resulted in the seven-piece capsule. The collection which also acts as the brand's first collab consists of blazers, wide-leg pants, pinstripe skirt and shirts that will be just as good worn both for business and leisure.

Instead of actually being be able to repell men, this collection brings something different than the typical boring, and strict-looking, business wear, and exudes a sense of tasteful quirks which reflects the Man Repeller style so well. However, it managed to keep the versatility and minimalism Atea Oceanie is known for. As for the verdict, this is a collection that we imagine as something any cool power ladies would appreciate. Shop for the collection here.


Via: Fashionista, Refinery 29

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