Making it Through Summer with Topshop and Man Repeller

Making it Through Summer with Topshop and Man Repeller

We tropical people are no stranger to the fierceness of summer heat. However, the ability to tackle all the summertime issues is not something we are just born with. It needs to be learned and mastered. Accordingly, despite having to encounter a scorching weather for almost a whole year long, let’s just admit that sometimes we simply given up to the heat and would rather playing hide and seek— and lose.

So when there is a video guide made to provide us with winning summer hacks, we’re readily take notes. Made as collaboration between Topshop and the queen of creative styling Leandra Medine along with her Man Repeller team, the video shows us how to do summer in the city. In it they demonstrate how you can avoid all the summertime drama, style-wise at the very least. Along with it comes a range hand-picked items from the Man Repeller team which includes swimsuit, sunglasses, mules, metallic socks, and reversible bomber jacket. Very good reason to get out from under the shades and embrace the summer city streets.

Via: Man Repeller

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