Lunar Watch, an Otherworldly Luxury Good

Lunar Watch, an Otherworldly Luxury Good

There seems to be no bounds in terms of the redefining luxury. Nowadays, things from patched denims to sports cars –as long as they are scarce and hold prestige to its owners—can be categorized as luxury goods. However, only few would argue the luxurious feeling from wearing a watch made from a real 4.5 million year-old lunar rock.

Earlier this month, a watch called ‘Lunar Watch’ made from the rock that was collected in 1974 by the Soviet Luna probe was released. It is going to be sold in an unsurprisingly high price with $27,500 apiece.

The creator behind the lunar watch is a luxury watch brand Analog Watch Co. Seeing that the company’s consistency in giving a breath of natural elements in each of their collection, the creation of Lunar Watch seems to be just appropriate. As convincing as it looks, unfortunately, the watch release was just an act for the April fools.

Feeling like you’ve been fooled? Don’t worry, they got us as well. 


Via: Fubiz

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