Louis Vuitton's Movers

Louis Vuitton's Movers

In celebration of movements, Louis Vuitton designed a special capsule collection of light-weight bags for the people who live in motions. They wanted to create an essential element fit for a fast-paced living, innovating a comfortable every-day bag, yet urban and versatile.

Tokyo’s Digital Artist, Ryoichi Kurokawa and Los Angeles’s Pro-Skater, Alex Olson are both the collection’s ambassadors, two male figures who live their life filled with dynamic actions. The campaign was made with a lively approach, an impeccable representation of both parties, highlighting the features of each bag in a flawless and smooth flow.

The capsule collection is an exclusive 4 bag, they are foldable tote, backpack, and PM or MM sized holdall. What makes this collection special is, the material they used are meant for perfecting and predicting easy movements. All of the bags are made with water-resistant-supple-leather, an adaptable material that supports city and comfortable life, perfect for everyday use. As a final touch, Louis Vuitton included its heritage with the “Signature V” in every bag for a classic and elegant style.



Pulse Asphalt




All images are taken from Louis Vuitton

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