LOF: A Blossoming Potential in the South of Jakarta

LOF: A Blossoming Potential in the South of Jakarta

There was once a time when shopping malls were the only hang out spot option for Jakartans. That was before various cutting-edge restaurants, and coffee shops started to flourish on every corner of the city. After paying a visit to LOF, however, we predict that a flower shop could potentially be your next favorite hangout space.

Situated on the corner of Jl. Haji Junaedi, Cipete, the unique architectural features of the building where would easily draw any eyes that pass by. Although there is yet any ‘shop sign’ mounted on the site, the tasteful juxtaposition between industrial structure and lush greens on its exterior would spark a curiosity of any passerby: “Is this place for public? Can I go in there?” Once you managed to get in there, anyhow, you will see that the place is not only open for public, but also has a genuinely welcoming vibe all over it.

Managed jointly by Laxmi Creations and crafter Kitty Manu, the place is a melting pot of anything pretty, and arts-and-crafty. Upon entering, we were mesmerized by how every nitty-gritty in that space is very well-thought-out. The furniture were mostly white, exuding a clean and cozy ambiance throughout the space. All of those is then combined with decor items like illustrations and succulents housed inside playful pots. With fresh flowers tastefully placed all over the space, and the draping vines on the exterior acting as perfect natural shades, every corners are practically arranged to be photo-ready. Run by several friendly staffs who keep the whole place in a tip top condition, this flower shop is a photo op gold mine any insta-loving people could ever ask for.

Aside from its photo-worthy qualities, LOF was initially rooted in a desire to introduce the casualties of buying flowers. The existing impression of florists is that people buy flowers for special occasions only, and LOF aspire to show it otherwise. By allowing the customers to buy flowers in footstalk, and providing a comfy space in which you can interact with those blossoming beauties, flowers are no longer shown as lavish and intimidating, but instead presented as an accessible everyday splendor. Everyone should feel free to incorporate as much as flowers as they wish in their lives— thus the name Living with LOF (Lots of Flowers).

Since its soft launching this June however, this space already reveals a lot its other potential. For several times now, the flower shop already hosted some creative workshops like lettering, weaving, and collage making. Seeing its lively atmosphere, small intimate setting, and photogenic nature, people are already requesting to use the space for parties like birthdays, bridal showers as well as baby showers. The shop is now also equipped with a simple coffee maker, so could we see it as a coffee shop in the near future? However, LOF admitted that it is not natural for them to move towards that direction. Instead of turning into a coffee shop, LOF would probably grow as a working space that you can rent for hourly basis. With an ambiance that tickles the artsy side of whoever comes around, we predict that a few hours in that space would boost our ideas to flow freely.

For now, the shop is not yet running fully. Aside from some workshops activities, pop-up library, and potted succulents, there aren’t any actual flowers available for purchase in LOF. However, it is soon until their (currently under maintenance) flower chiller is ready to operate, that this shop will live up to its maximum potential and show its blossoming glory--pun intended.

Photos by: Yofi Pradana


Living with LOF

Jl. Haji Junaedi No.2A. Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 29519316

OPEN Mon-Sat 10.00 - 18.00

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